Mission Statement 

Busi Bodies aims to deliver a high-quality Education and Care Service to All children from birth to five years, which comes from a real partnership with parents, staff and other professionals.

OPEN 51 weeks of the year

Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

Closed for a week at Christmas and ALL Bank Holidays


We help a child to learn and absorb life and their surroundings in their most formative years.

To understand that each child is an individual in his/her own right, but as an individual learns to share, mix and interact with others.

Play is a very important part of learning and a wide range of natural, real and reclaimed resources are provided for the process.

Each child has a key-person, so that person can make good links with the family to support and discuss their child's development.

Fun education

  • Qualified Team of Early Years Practitioners
  • Follow children's Interests, to plan and create for their learning
  • Use Tapestry - An online Learning Journal that parents can interact with
  • Fun learning experiences with a range of real resources

key Person's Role - is someone who

  • Builds strong relationships with your child
  • Understands the way your child learns
  • Build's relationships with you as parents/carers the child's first educator
  • Monitors learning & development
  • Meets your child's individual needs
  • Plans for their next steps
  • Address's and supports your concerns